Do you have Computers, Electronics?
or Surplus to be recycled?
Look no further!

NO appointment Needed for drop off.

Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5 you can drop at designated Area.

E-Recycle USA is an Atlanta based company that specializes in all things e-waste. We are dedicated to the public you can recycle your household e-waste easily, no appointment needed. We are not paying for any items you drop off, most of the items are FREE to Recycle.

Find out what materials are accepted in our facility.

Materials We DO NOT Accept

Find out what materials are not accepted in our facility.

E-Recycle USA is E-waste Made Easy. We take deliveries and we do pickups. No electronic recycling need is too small or large for E-Recycle USA.

What you choose to do with your Electronic Waste today will have enormous effects on our environment tomorrow.

We are e-waste made easy and we are open to the public. We at E-Recycle USA will take your unwanted or outdated electronics and put them through our state of the art process of evaluation and processing. We will fully recycle your electronics and your data will be securely destroyed.

Technology has become the basis of the United States economy. With its lightening-fast evolution and new generations of product emerging at a constant rate, electronic equipment becomes obsolete or is worn out more quickly than ever before. Most areas will not accept electronic equipment for landfill waste, as some electronic equipment can contain components with dozens of hazardous materials such as lead, lithium, mercury, and chromium. As a result, companies are often faced with the problem of surplus equipment for disposal and can spend a significant amount of their bottom line in storage for this no longer needed inventory. With a myriad of electronic components in offices, homes, and factories, proper disposal is imperative to maintaining our long-term environmental and economic health.