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E-Recycle USA tailors electronic waste management service to fit your needs.

What you choose to do with your computer electronic waste today will have enormous effects on our environment tomorrow.

  • At E-Recycle USA

We Recognize

the urgent need of saving our environment. That is why all of our employees are committed and dedicated to helping our customers recycle their retired computer electronic equipment in our EPA Registered facility with advanced technologies and applications under government guidelines.

  • We understand

Many Organizations

have different needs when dealing with its electronic waste. So, no matter, if you are a small home business, mid-to-large size corporation, non-profit organization, government agency, or educational organization, E-Recycle USA will tailor our electronic waste management service to fit your special requirement for computer electronic recycling needs.

  • Our passion

E-Recycle USA

is a company whose passion for the environment is second to none. We turn everything that comes through our doors into a reusable resource. Our e-waste recycling facility will take your unwanted or outdated computers and put them through our state of the art process of evaluation and processing.

How Do You Protect Your Company’s Sensitive Information?

In recent years, data protection has become a must for all companies, no matter their size. Additionally, the rise of data protection regulations around the world has added an extra layer of urgency to the need for all companies to implement data protection measures. E Recycle USA team making sure your data has been completely destroyed so cannot be recover.

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Constantly improving and providing the best E-Waste solutions

E-Recycle USA

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E-Waste Made Super Easy

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Atlanta, Ga based company that specializes in e-waste disposal and destruction.

“E Recycle USA made e-waste super easy. We have been in the business
since 2004 and have used this time improving methods and efficiency of
e-waste management and recycling.” E Recycle USA team Has years of
experience in the computer wholesale industry, we fully understand the need
for proper e-waste management and the most efficient, mutually beneficial
and secure ways to process e-waste.

There are many companies claiming to provide e-waste recycling services, yet few are equipped to provide full service recycling services like E-Recycle USA…

We Build Relationships

E-Recycle USA is a company whose passion for the environment is second to none. We turn everything that comes through our doors into a usable resource. Our favorite thing to do is take your old, outdated electronics, refurbish them and put them back into the market for good use.

Proprietary Processes

We are not only conscious of the security risk and problems of e-waste, but also that of energy conservation so we are constantly researching new and better ways to take old electronics and safely turn them into usable resources.

Happy Client…

We have a payroll company with multiple locations throughout the southeast. When our servers and computer equipment became outdated we needed a specialist that could help us remove all the data from our machines and dispose of them. E-Recycle USA took great care of us.

Charles Bennett

Owner, Atlanta Payroll Company

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At slimVmedia, we are constantly asked by our clients “Where we can safely get rid of our old computers and electronics?” and without hesitation, we send them to E-Recycle USA.

Allison Bentley

Manager, slimVmedia