E-Waste Recycling Services

E-Recycle USA provides safe and secure solutions to any E-Waste need. Whether you are a small business with obsolete phone systems, computers, electronics or a Government entity, we have the solution for your e-waste recycling needs. E-Waste Recycling Services listed below are most commonly requested.

We are able to facilitate special requests and or security needs. Please contact our office and we will work with you to find the perfect solution.


E-Waste Recycling Facility

E-waste recycling services are becoming a greater and greater need as the age of technology progresses. There are many companies claiming to provide e-waste recycling services, yet few are equipped to provide full service recycling services like E-Recycle USA.

E-Recycle USA is an Atlanta based company that specializes in recycling services.

We are a state of the art EPA registered e-waste recycling facility equipped with the technology needed for complete e-waste recycling. We at E-Recycle USA provide e-waste recycling services that not only focus on the precious metals that can be found in electronics today but also the plastics, copper, steel, brass, and to be quite honest anything else that can be found in the e-waste we receive.

Our e-waste recycling facility will take your unwanted or outdated computers and put them through our state of the art process of evaluation and processing. We provide our recycling services and then send you compensation based on a percentage of the value of the recycled goods. We do this within a two-week turn around. So, within fourteen days you will receive a check and a certificate of destruction.

If your company has been warehousing old computers for convenience, let our team come in and free up that space – many times at absolutely no cost! Our expertise in e-waste recycling services makes us your number one choice in all e-waste recycling services.

Data Destruction & Removal

Data Removal Services & Destruction Made Easy

Secure data removal services & certificate of data destruction are a formal guarantee that your electronic data was completely disposed of in a secure manner.

E-Recycle USA is an Atlanta based company that provides secure data destruction. We have a state of the art EPA registered facility that is equipped with all the technology needed for complete electronic data destruction.

Why the need for a secure data destruction certificate?

Contractual obligations, government regulations, identity theft threats, and other security concerns can impose stringent protocols for safeguarding private data. Rigorous efforts are often required for the effective secure data destruction of confidential records from electronic circuitry or drives and simply erasing data doesn’t always mean that the information is no longer accessible. To protect yourself and your company from potential data loss, hard drives, prototype units, processors, chips and other sensitive storage media can be physically destroyed with our commercial components shredder.

With E-Recycle USA’s secure data removal services & data destruction certificate, you can be confident that the records, files, and programs which may still reside on surplus or outdated equipment will never be found on the secondary market, in the hands of thieves – or in the research labs of your competitors.

Do not settle for an Atlanta secure data destruction service without a secure data destruction certificate. Insist on a secure data destruction certificate through an organization that will provide efficient, secure data destruction of all your electronic components and equipment.

We take deliveries and we do pickups. No secure data destruction need is too small or large for E-recycle USA. Call our Atlanta Center today for your secure data removal services & destruction.


Electronic remarketing is a service that takes your old or out dated electronics and finds markets where they are still wanted. E-recycle USA has an electronic remarketing program second to none.

While some electronics equipment may have outlived its usefulness in your organization, there is a thriving electronic remarketing program where the life of functional surplus equipment can be extended. E-Recycle USA is a leader in electronic remarketing for your equipment and extracting the maximum possible return from older, but still useful, technology.

Our buyers can offer you a complete electronic remarketing-options quote for your retiring equipment. Because we are a leader in electronic remarketing and have a large base of secondary purchasers, we can offer you the very best value for your unused or outmoded systems.

We at E-Recycle USA are huge fans of the concept of electronic remarketing and here are some reasons why. For one, the energy consumption in the process of complete recycling. We wish to save in any way possible and electronic remarketing saves energy. Also electronic remarketing brings our customers more value from their unwanted out dated electronics. Let us not forget that there are many places that technology is too old E-Recycle USA’s electronic remarketing program brings this ‘old’ technology to a new need.

Electronic remarketing made easy, our level of expertise in the field of electronic remarketing guarantees that you will get the most money back from your unwanted electronics and that they will get into the hands that need them the most https://salud-hombres.com/.

Electronic remarketing, if you have complete systems in good working order, we may be able to help you turn a storage headache into removal relief! Request a quote now to find out how our electronic remarketing program can be put to work for you.


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