Plastic Recycling

Plastics are one of the major components in electronics today. Casings, circuit boards…the list goes on, are all made of plastic. Many e-waste plastics recycling companies are not equipped with the technology to properly separate the many elements that make up today’s electronics. At E-recycle USA, we process and collect all plastics in the electronics that we recycle and have them mold ready for the markets in which they are needed.

E-recycle USA is an Atlanta, Ga based company that specializes in all things e-waste. We have a state of the art EPA certified facility that is equipped with all the technology needed for complete plastics & electronic recycling.

We at E-recycle USA understand all too well the need for plastics in the different markets. We pride ourselves on our environmental friendly process of returning the plastics we process at our facility back into the market as usable resources.

Plastics Recycling made easy by E-Recycle USA is the safe and smart choice for the environment.